Taxi Solutions

The taxi dispatch software is a smart program where individuals can use their smartphone to request a shuttle/taxi and track it until it arrives to their location. This app will find you the nearest driver and also provide them with all the information on an intended trip. This program can be used for shuttle service providers or businesses that offer ride services to their customers. This is a more advanced platform in comparison to basic taxi competitive apps that have been developed in recent years. This program will be customized to the specifications of each user.

Advantages to Cars or Cabs using FHT GPS Tracking Services

  • Real time live tracking with precise locations
  • Speed variation alerts.
  • Ignition and AC on/off alerts.
  • Vibration detection alerts in the event of an accident.
  • SOS button (panic alerts).
  • Low battery & fuel level detection.
  • Link share feature when someone has ordered a cab for another they can track the trip.
  • Vehicle maintenance records.
  • Driver records.
  • Complaint management tool.