School Solutions

The Fleet Hunt School software is a huge stride into modern day 21st century education where communication barriers are removed between parents, teachers, administration and students.

This platform enables teachers to

  • Post exams schedules for students online.
  • Directly communicate with school administration and check student attendance.
  • Post student grades up where they are directly accessible to parents and authorized parties
  • Assign homework to students and much more.

Students can

  • Check timetables and exam schedules.
  • See their up coming sporting fixtures.
  • Access test and exam results.
  • Have a platform to communicate directly with staff etc.

Parents can

  • Receive updates on school fees and exam schedules.
  • Access to their children’s academic performance.
  • A platform to communicate directly with staff.
  • Access to sporting timetable and are able to track school buses etc.

Administration can

  • Have access to all existing and past student information
  • Communicate directly to parents, students and staff
  • Be notified on outstanding balances
  • Have a platform to release updated newsletters and much more….
    This platform will be tailored to the specifications of each institution allowing an efficient, cost effective paperless system. We are offering this platform to institutions worldwide.