Food Delivery

This is a unique platform we are offering to restaurants where they can receive online orders from their menu, promote specials and retain customers. This software can be customized to the specific requirement of each client operating the platform expanding on their ideas and imagination thus helping them stand out to their specified target market. Consumers make orders online via the web or on a smartphone communicating directly with the restaurant and can then track the driver to their doorstep.

The business benefits from such a platform through increased customer satisfaction and reduced advertisement costs as specials can be promoted on this platform. Restaurants can also manage quality control as they do not have to deliver food using a third party delivery service.

Note : ( Our program can be set up for third party delivery companies) 
This platform is also applicable to grocery delivery services.
SWOT Analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)

  • Strengths
  • Our Pricing.
  • Customer service through person to person interaction.
  • Elite software and attractive user interface.
  • Our central location.
  • Being a new company, hence our ability to adapt to consumer requirements

Our exclusive Link share feature.

New to an existing market, meaning some potential clients are already locked into other contracts.

Assessing what our competitors flaws are and ensuring that our program solves these problems, this has been our strength in converting customers to our platform.

Our new innovative features make our product stand out from our competition.

Businesses complain about not being able to interact with other service providers, our ability to interact with all clients on a personal level provides us with a huge opportunity. Its extremely likely that by 2022 FleetHunt would have converted a majority of North American GPS users through our approach in valuing our customers.

We are confident in our product and system as a business, thus there are no threats we would be concerned about. However there could be a likelihood our competitors may want to implement our approach or sabotage new competitive businesses. Such threats are somewhat hypothetical.